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EPISode 13 -- THANK YOU for playing


All good things must come to an end.

When I started A Brief Escape, I had no idea what I was doing and it showed at times. I wanted to make a show that interested me and shine a light on topics big sites couldn't devote resources to. I interviewed guests way out of my league, my audio just missed the mark, and the show never exploded.

But to be completely honest, making A Brief Escape has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

I promise to keep getting better. I promise I'm not gone forever.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for giving me a shot. Thank you for sharing.

You have good ideas. I promise you they're worth exploring. I'm glad I did.


episode 12

university of michigan's


The University of Michigan's Computer and Video Game Archive houses a collection of approximately 6,000 titles and consoles, from Atari 2600 to modern independent games and hardware. The Archive is a public resource, and allows both students and members of the community access to games as part of their assignments/research. David Carter is the university's Video Game Archivist (among many other things), and joins the show to discuss the archive's history and place in the University.

(View the catalog here)



MIla Pokorny


Mila Pokorny is an artist and game designer based in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a part of Quadratron Games, makers of Threshold, and is currently working on her 2-player card game, Mahou Shojo: Fight Like A Girl, currently on Kickstarter.

(March 2015)


Episode 10


Eric Buchholz from Zelda Reorchestrated and Pokemon Reorchestrated: Double Team rejoins the show to share some of his favorite memories working with the Zelda 25th Anniversary Concerts.


Episode 9


Alex Roederer and Kimberly Swanner return to A Brief Escape to talk about the PAX Pokemon League, a real-life Pokemon League, and share a story about the generosity and comradery of their community.

(January 2015)


Episode 8

Heather Anne Campbell


Heather Anne Campbell is a writer and voice actress for FOX's ADHD, as well as a cast member of CW's Whose Line Is It Anyway. Her other credits include Saturday Night Live, The Midnight Show at UCB, The Eric Andre Show, Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, MADtv...the list goes on and on. Heather is also the former Executive Editor of Play Magazine, and her work has been published in The Gamer's Quarter, EGM, and EDGE to name a few.

(December 2014)


Episode 7

Patrick Klepek


Patrick Klepek is a writer for Kotaku, who's past work can be found at Giant Bomb, MTV Multiplayer, and 1UP. He is an avid horror enthusiast, and joins the show to discuss his appreciation and fascination with the genre.

(October 2014)


Episode 6

Gillian Smith


Gillian Smith is an assistant professor at Northeastern University in Computer Science and Game Design and holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz. Her work focuses on controllable procedural content generators and how these generators can be used to create new experiences in games. She joins the show to talk about procedural generation, explore future design possibilities, and highlight games using procedural generation in interesting ways.

(October 2014)


Episode 5

John Warner


John Warner is the sole developer at Over The Moon Games, and creator of The Fall. Inspired by Super Metroid and The Secret of Monkey Island, The Fall puts players in control of ARID, a military AI on board a combat suit whose human pilot is unconscious and in critical condition. John joins us to talk about the development of The Fall, crunch as an indie compared to crunch in AAA, and launching a relatively unknown game on Steam.

(September 2014)


Episode 4



Swaps is a Kentucky-based writer who fell in love with the unique and ever-expanding universe of Mass Effect, BioWare's Sci-Fi RPG series that tasks players with saving the universe while establishing personal connections with the game's characters and lore. After finishing Mass Effect 3 feeling unsatisfied, Swaps found a way to both express her love for the series and get over a creative burnout. This past May, Swaps completed Exordium, a 254,385 word re-write of Mass Effect 1.

(September 2014)


Episode 3



Jami Carignan talks about making music using a Game Boy, performing live concerts in Japan, and returning to Real Life. Will O'Neill goes into the development of Actual Sunlight and his experience exhibiting at PAX East 2014. Iker P. Maidagan tells the story of MundoRare, one of the largest Rare fansites and communities that fell out of love with the company.

(June 2014)


Episode 2



Michael Damiani talks about discovering the Zelda series for the first time and how he founded the Zelda news site, The Hylia. (Opener) Eric Buchholz recounts the history of Zelda Reorchestrated and why their biggest project, Twilight Symphony, never saw a commercial release. (23:00) Sarah Scott and Clinton Jones from The Zelda Project share stories from the production of their upcoming Zelda short film and discuss the work involved. (42:30)

(February 2014)


Episode 1



Nuzlocke talks about how playing Pokemon the hard way led to a thriving community of artists, writers, and YouTubers. Alex Roederer and Kimberly Swanner from the PAX Pokemon League discuss the work involved in bringing the experience of facing a Gym Leader to life. Christopher Monsanto covers the competitive battling scene, the creation of Smogon, and the criticism the site faces.

(January 2014)