Episode 3 -- Continue


A Brief Escape is a monthly series about the people, projects, and communities inspired by video games. Episode 3, Continue, features the stories of Jami Carignan, Will O'Neill, and Iker Maidagan.



Jami Carignan -- Space Boyfriend

Jami Carignan has yet to learn how to play a traditional instrument...but he doesn't need to. Using a Game Boy, a cartridge, and his own vocals, Jami performs his original "idol punk" music under the persona of Space Boyfriend. Jami hopes his music will inspire fans to raise their voices and sing out their youths together. (Art by Yumizoomi)

Bandcamp - Tumblr - Twitter


Iker P. Maidagan

  Iker P. Maidagan is a story artist by day and indie filmmaker by night. In 2013, his shortfilm Mirage earned him a position at Blue Sky Studios working on the new Peanuts movie. Long before that, he joined original founder Alberto Riol to run MundoRare, which came to be the leading Rare Ltd. fansite before its unfortunate closure in 2010.

Mirage - Twitter - MundoRare

Will O'Neill

Will O'Neill is a writer from Toronto, Ontario, His first game, Actual Sunlight, tells the bravely autobiographical tale of dealing with depression, anxiety, and the doors that close as time marches forward.  He is currently working on his next game, The Highwayman (working title).

Actual Sunlight: Steam - Itch.io - Website


John Ryan Abbott

Art for this episode of A Brief Escape was provided by animator and character designer, John Ryan Abbott. John is also one of the hosts of [BRACKET!], a weekly comedy podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher. You can view his full portfolio, resume, and contact info at JohnRyanAbbott.com